NCSECS 2024 Abstract of Paper/Thesis Submission Guidelines

 Communication of Acceptance

Conference Proceedings and Publication

The proceedings of the abstracts will be published and few selected number of full length articles will be published after peer review process in the Mapana -Journal of Sciences (MJS) (UGC-CARE listed-Group I, Sr.No. 330, Sciences).

Journal link:

Award and Recognitions 

The best posters, oral, thesis presentations will be recogonized with awards. These awards aim to acknowledge the exceptional work and research presented at the conference. Here are some general notes about these awards:

Best Thesis Award: This award is typically given to recognize the most outstanding thesis or dissertation presentation in the focused areas. The criteria for selection may include originality, quality of research, methodology, impact, contribution to the field and also presentation.

Oral Presentation Award: Oral presentations are an integral part of conferences, and exceptional presentations are often recognized with awards. These awards highlight the presenter's ability to effectively communicate their research, engage the audience, and deliver a compelling and impactful presentation.

Poster Award: Poster presentations provide researchers with an opportunity to visually display their work and interact with attendees. Poster awards recognize outstanding posters based on criteria such as clarity of content, visual design, organization, and the presenter's ability to articulate their research and engage with viewers.

The decision made by the organizing committee shall be final.

Presentation / Participation Certificates: On the last day of the event, a presentation/participation certificate would be given to all participant.