Focused Topics and Areas

The National Conference on Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage: Functional Materials, Systems, and Applications (NCSECS-2024) intends to bring together researchers from the following main subjects and its allied areas. The themes and more details about the topics are listed in the NCSECS-2024 conference website,

1.      Battery Technologies: 

 2.      Supercapacitors and Energy Storage Devices: 

3.      Electrolyte Materials:

4.      Fuel Cells and Energy Conversion:

 5.      Solar Energy Conversion: 


6.      Materials Characterization and Modeling:


7.      Environmental Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis:

 8.      Flexible Energy Harvesting Materials: 

9. Electrolysis and Hydrogen production

10. Photocatalysis:

Top Reasons to Attend

Knowledge Expansion:

Networking Opportunities:

Present and Discuss Research:

Industry Engagement:

Professional Development:

Collaboration and Funding Opportunities:

Exposure to Multiple Perspectives:

Inspiration and Motivation: